Mediteating Circle

The Mediteating Circle was made in an effort to create a peaceful getaway, close to nature as being local simultaneously, within the urban environment of Malmö.
Stefan Phalagorn Bergström

Orientation – monument to the honeybee

This work is seen as a theoretical model for a permanent monument to the Honeybee – intended to help prevent the necessity of its completion by highlighting the threat bees face.
Luke Lowings & Marianne Morild

Field Walks 2

Cultivation of a buckwheat field with the goal of conducting workshops and directed walks during the event; with a final outcome of harvesting the buckwheat to make a soba noodle meal.
Gunnel Pettersson

Kitchen Dialogues : Outsider

In Kitchen Dialogue we are working with social interventions — that are at the same time a critical practice — operating via social research, site-specific installations and a series of social events and dialogues triggered by conviviality.
Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen

Spirit house

I propose to build a structure that I will inhabit for the duration of the event: I will use it as my playground to respond to what´s happening around me on the field, and invite participants to join me.
Monix Sjölin

Ark of Seeds – Landscape of Resistance

A process-based artwork, Ark of Seeds is a wild planted field, as well as sculptural objects of varying dimension channeling collective management of natural resources in the form of a participatory art project.
Egle Oddo

Hedgerow Hyllie

Hedgerow Hyllie is a collective organism, that like all bodies, is made up of complex interdependent entities that, through their interaction, create a healthy being capable of physically and socially engaging in its community.
Antonina Simeti, Leonardo Aranda, Marek Walczak & Mark Shepard


Transplant is a work that places living plants in dynamically changing environments. Each hermetically sealed environment represents a potential future of climate impacting southern Sweden over the next 200 years.
Wes HeissJosh Miller


The Information Center for the exhibition.
Workshops that take place here:

The Sausage Factory by Helena Marika Ekenger
Agriphoto-Culturagraph by Farah Marie Velten
The Field Kitchen by Johanna Kindvall
Location id: HoME by Shu Lea Cheang
Universal Dumpling by Kira Nam Greene


Edible Carpet

A rolling mat consisting of live growing salad greens and edible flowers that are planted to reveal oriental carpet patterns as the plants grow and are harvested.
Åsa Maria Bengtsson

Hive Perspective

My proposal for Agrikultura is to fabricate pinhole cameras designed to be stacked in langstroth beehives. These cameras will record the landscape and horizon from the bee’s perspective.
Jessica Segall

Input Field Form

Input Field Form translates the Web form of – the Triennial’s website and artists’ application submission form – into carrots, radishes, and other vegetables, as well as soil, and electronics.
Ursula Endlicher

The importance of Being … Earthworms and more

A work that will focus on the importance of soil, composting and values. In Darwin’s last published book ”The formation of vegetal mould” the earthworms are in focus. He describe them as the first plow, and the best producers of nutritious soil.
Malin Lobell

Radio Tree Malmö

How can contemplating nature as an already-networked formation influence our fixation with the promise of advanced technology? Trees will be augmented into radio broadcasting apparatus, each its own “radio station” of programming.
Rory Solomon