Luke Lowings

Luke Lowings was born in Cambridge, England in 1961. He attended an Art and Design Foundation Course in Cambridge before training as an architect at Kingston Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art in London. He is a registered architect in the UK, and lives in London with his partner and two children. He has been working at the boundary of art / architecture for the last twenty-five years – first in New York City as a collaborator in James Carpenter’s studio – JCDA, and then in London with his own studio of Carpenter|Lowings. The intention of the work is to integrate visual concepts into the fabric of architecture and public works which enhance the human experience of the natural world as manifested by daylight. These themes have been developed in a huge range of projects all over the world up to the scale of interventions in major infrastructure works such as the Central Artery Tunnel and Abu Dhabi Airport.

Orientation – monument to the honeybee