Hive Perspective

My proposal for Agrikultura is to fabricate pinhole cameras designed to be stacked in langstroth beehives. These cameras will record the landscape and horizon from the bee’s perspective, producing both traditional landscape photography and acting as a form of discreet surveillance or security camera for the vulnerable honeybees. The camera will capture the bees’ activity as they enter leave and the hive through the horizon for their daily foraging and record the activity and changing landscape of Agrikultura, merging both human and non-human engagement with the landscape.
Jessica Segall


The queen bee

The queen bee only sees daylight once in her life, the day she mates. Its a wild affair with multiple drones. The rest of her days, she lives in darkness ... More Information
Pin-hole Updates

Pin-hole Updates

Included is an image of the work in location and some pinhole images.
Agrikultura Launch Day

Agrikultura Launch Day

1 July, 2017
11:00 – 18:00 Kulturföreningen Triennal is delighted to announce that Agrikultura, an exhibition of public artworks, installations, meals, performances, urban interventions, mobile kitchens, and events to take ... More Information