Wasteland encyclopaedia

I am fascinated in human interaction with plants. Plants are our constants companions – giving us oxygen, food, medicine, shelter, materials, mental well-being and much more.

I became intrigued by the landscape of Hyllie: at first glance there is nothing unusual about this place, It looks like a typical wasteland area that can be found in suburbs of most of big cities all around world. This area, for some reasons remained unused or got returned to nature after losing its former purpose.

The original nature that must have existed here has been totally changed several times by humans hands. Masses of soil have been moved or brought there from other sites, and a completely new landscape has been created. Now the space has temporarily been left alone and wild plants have started to spontaneously recolonize.
There is something fascinating in observing transformative power of wild nature doing its work. But also sad in realizing that it might not regain its original, wild character.

In my work I envision a post-apocalyptic setting, where this place is the only nature resource left on the earth.
I want to invite people to kneel down to the courageous wild plants that are spontaneously growing on the site. These are mostly plants that are considered weeds, and not of any special value. I want to honour each of them, and explore possible uses of the plants generous offerings.

1. documentation of existing species
2. research about edibility and medical use, creating Hyllie’s materia medica and cookbook.
3. testing cookbook and materia medica – foraging and cooking workshop.

Agata Bielska