Cluster is an edible forest edge comprising several layers of plant life that are blended into the surrounding forest co-designed by Mary Mattingly and Malin Lobell with support from Johanna Johansson and Esbjörn Wandt of Holma folkhögskola. Perforated forest edges play an important role in the ecology of a place. A border with gaps can host other habitats, allowing for greater interior biodiversity and protection from forest loss, while simultaneously being an entirely edible landscape.

Healthy soil makes a thriving forest edge. In Malin Lobell’s work The Importance of being Earthworm, that weaves itself into the Clustergarden, she will focus on the importance of soil, composting, and values of soil health. In Darwin’s last published book ”The formation of vegetal mould” he describe the earthworms as the first plow and the best producers of nutritious soil. Cluster will support different methods for making soil. The garden will consist of three parts/clusters, one of them a greenmanurefield. In addition to highlighting the importance of biodiversity and ecology of the location, the edible forestgarden will also serve as as a place for participation and knowledge sharing. During the summer various activities will occur in and around the garden exploring and encouraging social ecology and sustainability.

Cluster is an invite to discuss future park-planning and the use of commons and greenspace as foodparks.

Mary Mattingly
Malin Lobell
USA & Sweden


The plants moved in at The Cluster

The plants moved in at The Cluster- edge forestgarden! A work intensive week heading from Stockholm via Öland and B´ströö plantschool to Agrikultura site, Hyllie Malmö via Kåseberga-Höör and Holma ... More Information
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Cluster Preparation

18th of April: Malin visits Holma Forestgarden in Höör to introduce Agrikultura and present Cluster with the goal of getting some students involved. Their teachers are Johanna Johansson and Esbjörn ... More Information
Cluster- Edge forestgarden

Cluster- Edge forestgarden

A combined layout that includes both Mary Mattingly permaculture project 'Cluster' and Malin Lobell's 'The importance of Being...' ... More Information