Malin Lobell

Malin Lobell is an artist educated at Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden. Also visible in her artistic practice today is her studies as a Gardener. Her work includes projects involving urban gardening, foodproduction, edible perennials, edible weeds, phytoremediation and focus on food for pollinators and plant-intelligence. As an artist she often work in collaboration and with a participatory perspective. She is living in Stockholm and Kåseberga, Skåne.

The importance of Being … Earthworms and more


The plants moved in at The Cluster

The plants moved in at The Cluster- edge forestgarden! A work intensive week heading from Stockholm via Öland and B´ströö plantschool to Agrikultura site, Hyllie Malmö via Kåseberga-Höör and Holma ... More Information
Earthworms at work

Earthworms at work

Earthworm working hard in Hyllie preparing the soil ... More Information
bilder till KN arkiv-

Cluster Preparation

18th of April: Malin visits Holma Forestgarden in Höör to introduce Agrikultura and present Cluster with the goal of getting some students involved. Their teachers are Johanna Johansson and Esbjörn ... More Information
Cluster- Edge forestgarden

Cluster- Edge forestgarden

A combined layout that includes both Mary Mattingly permaculture project 'Cluster' and Malin Lobell's 'The importance of Being...' ... More Information


Anthotype test with beetroot emulsion ... More Information