Progress on the other side of the pond

A quick update on our progress on this side of the pond:

1. We have assembled the basic components for the sensing nodes (see attached images). We are going with sensors for soil moisture, soil pH, temperature, light, humidity. Leonardo says they are close to having a prototype ready for the node electronics (with the exception of the soil pH sensor, which arrived this week here in the lab).

2. The Raspberry Pi server is up and running, with the database containing dummy data for now. I am working with this to develop the dashboard and mobile client.

3. Leonardo will be sending along designs for the physical housing. We discussed 3d printing them to make them water-tight, and designing them in such a way that they can be partially buried in the ground to help keep them from growing feet and walking away at night.

On the Swedish side of the pond, we have found hundreds of wild roses we can use, and a lot of sea buckthorn.. neither of which are kind to humans, but have some great benefits to nature.