Happy New Year

Photo by Monix Sjölin

The Triennal team is happy to report that we have received our first grants from Malmo’s Kulturstödet, Kulturförvaltningen and also Kulturnämnden Region Skåne. Malmo’s Gatukontoret, Planeringsavdelningen, have offered ‘in-kind’ support including infrastructure, services, publicity, etc.

Of the call for artists, we received 120 applications. Of 45 projects we would like to show we currently can only fund 21. The artists are from the Nordic countries, from Sweden as well as from the USA and other countries from around the world. We will continue to raise funds for travel, as well as for the catalog, for docents, and other needs as they arise.

With the artworks we can now fund, we already will have an outstanding exhibition. We look forward to the year and hope to invite as many as possible, both artists and the general public, to our exhibition in July and August of 2017.