Collaborative Possibilities

A workshop can be anything. Modes of communication and expression do not need to be predetermined. Silence, speech, listening, thought, action… Our phones are pocket television studios, our movements can be choreography, our voices can be music, our words can be stories.

The color of Mars is caused by iron oxide. At the Martian Crater, the authentic iron oxide began to puddle as a result of Earth rain. It looks like wine, red wine, someone said. Let’s take off our shoes and stomp in the mud as if we were crushing grapes.

We performed an ancient ritual in an absurd environment. As people choose which elements of our existing cultures can be taken to Mars and should be taken to Mars, it is possible that some forms will become divorced from their original function or meaning. Wine-making may become puddle-stomping. In the slow pace of the lower Martian gravity, in a sealed environment where all water is recycled, in soil where grapes have never been planted, a traditional functional act becomes a purely aesthetic movement.