Egle Oddo

b. 1975 Italy, since 2006 lives in Helsinki. Her work focuses on linear and non-linear narration as an art form. Interested in operational realism, the presentation of the functional sphere and its inter-relations in an aesthetic manner, she combines photography, moving image, installation, sculpture, environmental art, and experimental live art. In her pieces industrial materials meet delicate handcraft, selected trash mix with fashion, precious life forms congregate with ancestral recipes.
Her work appears at international biennials, museums and relevant institutions, as well as cutting edge and independent alternative spaces and events. She has founded Namastic Art Collective and collaborates with several groups. Active memberships: Catalysti association of transcultural artists in Finland; Pixelache trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, research and activism; Muu association of professional artists; Maatiainen association for the preservation of landraces.

photograph of Egle by Curt Richter

Ark of Seeds – Landscape of Resistance

Final Weekend! Saturday 26 August Program

Final Weekend! Saturday 26 August Program

Join us for our final weekend of Agrikultura on the future English Park in Hyllie. On Saturday, in addition to tours at 13:00 and 15:00 several artists are giving final ... More Information

The world in common

We offered the edible sculptures while the rain was gently enhancing the smell of the land and of the plants. Taste, smell and touch are primary ways to communicate. Performative ... More Information
Preparing the performance for the opening

Preparing the performance for the opening

These are edible sculptures. The transparent egg contains a very special collection of seeds, flowers, herbs, fruits and spices. When you eat an egg, the thin transparent shell crashes and ... More Information
Egle's 2nd trip

Egle’s 2nd trip

Egle came to Malmö for her 2nd time to work on the Ark of Seeds from 7 - 11 May, 2017. She sowed extra seeds, fertilized, and had some help ... More Information
Progress with the Ark of Seeds

Progress with the Ark of Seeds

In early March 2017, Egle visited Hyllie to map out her oval for Ark of Seeds. She had the ground turned, and planted a range of seeds from wild species ... More Information