(The mobile) Sausage Factory

About the project – THOUGHTS:

I grew up with sausages. My grandfather was a butcher. In 1915 he started a charcuterie business with a companion and in the fifties the company had become one of Sweden’s most modern sausage factories. Grandfather died before I was born. My dad was not so interested in sausages but my uncles ran the sausage factory during my childhood.

(The mobile) Sausage Factory is part of a lifelong project. I have used my family history as a backdrop for works that investigate habitus, identity and limitations. (The mobile) Sausage Factory has a different approach: the fact that sausages are made of MEAT.

I have done several performances based on sausage making and I have an ambivalent attitude towards the meat itself. I don’t eat a lot and I carefully avoid meat from animal factories for ethical reasons. But then it’s the climate perspective… and without deeper knowledge I’ve had this feeling that ALL meat cannot be that bad??

When I began to think of the theme Agrikultura I decided to look deeper into meat and meat production. I discovered that there are strong myths, especially about beef production and the climate impact of ruminants. I realized that I have built my opinions on assumptions. I started to read about the history of agriculture and the growing of cereals, rice, soybeans, corn … and sustainable meat production.

I want to investigate the myths.

I want to problematize both meat and radical veganism/vegetarianism, and contribute to an increased awareness of the impact of (most) food production on the climate.

I’m far from done, I’ve just begun.