Excerpts from Stage One of Agriphoto-Culturagraph

Farah has set up a dark room in the shipping container on site where she has begun creating pieces documenting all the edible plants growing on site at Agrikultura, both from what she has found wild and from what she’s found growing in other artists’ installations. Here you can see the wild stinging nettle growing high on the hill, wild strawberries growing throughout the entire grounds on site, saint john’s wort growing on the hill and scattered around site, as well as wild rose blooming in the bushes around site.

Follow her Instagram @farah_jacqua to see a closer look at pieces she’s made during Stage One and visit her on site during Stage Two in order to watch her process step by step and see the plants she’s printing in their later growth in new prints. If you participate in her workshop on site Saturday August 5th 13:00-17:00you will get to make your own one-of-kind cyanotype to take home with you.