Cyanotype Workshops at Agrikultura

Farah ran a cyanotype workshop on opening weekend and it was a wonderful success. Each participant made unique and beautiful pieces they took home with them. Learning each step of the process by hand students will be able to do this process on their own again to continue making one-of-a-kind cyanotypes.

Participants got very creative with their selections of items to print and some even brought items from home we experimented with. Watching the image come up in the rinse going through each shade of blue right before our eyes feels like magic every time.

Farah will be teaching a second workshop when she returns for Stage Two of her project Agriphoto-Culturagraph so you can participate in this second one if you missed the first. Held from 13:00-17:00 on Saturday August 5th, please join for an educational and fun day of learning hands on how this photographic printing process dating back to 1842 works using the sun and water. All supplies and materials included, 150 KR cash to participate.
All welcome!