Sam Van Aken collecting cuttings for Tree of 40 Fruits workshops

On 20 July, Sam Van Aken visited the incredibly beautiful Fredriksdal Open Air Museum in Helsingborg where he met with head gardener Sarah Utter, and collected cuttings from several older varieties of apple and cherry trees specific to the Skåne region for his Tree of 40 Fruit grafting workshops on 22 and 23 July at Agrikultura.

This week he will be driving around Skåne visiting with Per Olof Gytell at Olofbergs fruktodling, Inger Utter at Alnarp Nationella genbanken, Jan Truedsson in Vellinge, Hilde Nybom at Balsgård in Kristianstad, and the Engelska trädgården in Svabesholm.

He will be collecting additional cuttings from stone fruit trees for his final workshop on Friday 27 July at 11:00 – 13:00 at Agrikultura!