On the occasion of the participation in the Triennale that is taking place in Malmo with the name of “AGRIKULTURA Triennal” located in the area of Hyllie, within the future English Park, we present a proposal with the title Outsider within the project Kitchen Dialogues.

We start from the idea of developing, in the allocated area, a series of spaces where the management of various human activities cause the least possible impact on other species and on the terrain itself; Posing a unique area of coexistence and confluence, a matrix for the world through an alliance between art and biocentrism, where the collective practice of social production and reproduction becomes social transformation, including the biological sphere.

The group of actions that will take place between these elements has no limit. There is incompatibility, community, asylum and discord, decay, rupture and degradation, or collapse without rapprochement. There are coincidences and estrangements that make possible the presence of diversity.

The proposal includes the hosting, in the area allocated by AGRIKULTURA Triennal, of the necessary requirements for two spaces. One, a space generated for the accomplishment of the performances of the artists who have been invited to participate in the Triennal. Two, a space designated to give a public service as an area to rest. The project is carried out contemplating the sustainability and including the participation of the diversity of the vegetal species that grow in wild form at the moment in the whole area where the project is made.

The goal is to generate a project that reviews the right of plants, and other living beings. The project includes wild plants designated as undesirable plants in areas controlled by humans such as gardens and plants without homes.
The Outsider project is not what you do, but how you do it, which forms the basis of the ethics of such relationships. From this point of view, the project fosters thinking through our multi-specific collaboration. The ethics of relationships between species is a debate that has been going through the field of contemporary art for years. Outsider, is hosting a project dedicated to multispecies co-evolution that examines and hopes to reshape links between living beings, both human and non-human.