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Welcome to Agrikultura – a living, growing, edible, participatory art event.

We are well into the planning for Agrikultura – an outdoor exhibition addressing the theme of art and agriculture in urban contexts.

And of course, one of the things that artists will be doing for the exhibition, is growing food! These will be living sculptures, that will variously be harvested during the event, so we can share food, and conversation.

We will be on site from 1 May preparing the ground, and the exhibition opens on 1 July. But to properly prepare, we are also looking for volunteers to help us start seedlings so that they can be planted into the fields in May and June.

Can you grow some seedlings in your kitchen window? In a sheltered space at your home or summer cottage?

Here is a link to some of the plants that we hope to cultivate? Can you help us by growing from seeds or finding seedlings? Do you have other suggestions for plants that would meet our needs?

If you help us to grow plants, we would be delighted to welcome you at the Festival to help us harvest, cook, and eat together. Please fill out what you can and we will get back to you. Thank you!

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